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Why We Don’t Forgive Others Easily

In general, we don’t forgive others easily because of fear. Fear! I will tell you how fear is the culprit.

Actually, fear is the culprit and the obstacle in front of ourselves that prevents us from doing the right thing in many situations.

Why We Don’t Forgive Others Easily

Because we are afraid that the person whom we will forgive would hurt us again. Also, it could be due to our ego. As we say to ourselves, “if we forgive this person, he or she would look down to us and would do the same mistake again“. The mistake that brought about the whole situation.

Another reason behind why we don’t forgive others easily is retaliation. We are reluctant to forgive the wrongdoer because we want to punish him or her. We want to at least even the score with the aggressor by reversing the gains that the aggressor might have got.

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How to Forgive

Forgiveness depends on firstly the value of the relationship between the wrongdoer and the person who forgives. Secondly, on the probability that the wrongdoer will harm us again in the future or in other words, “exploitation risk”. The combination of these two elements determine the probability of forgiveness.

For example, let’s say your brother has done wrong to you. In this case, the relationship value is high and the exploitation risk is either high or low. Hence, to forgive your brother is easier than if the wrongdoer is a stranger.

In the end, forgiving is your choice. If you want to add more value to the relationship, you be able to give forgiveness. Spiritually, not forgiving will leave you in anger that may lead to hatred. Therefore, you will burn yourself before you take your revenge from the aggressor.

Keep all what mentioned above in your mind and weigh out your options. Then, act wisely.

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Many people are not willing to forgive because of several reasons. We have highlighted the prominent ones in this article. In a nutshell, the reasons are:

Then, we revealed some facts about forgiveness that may help you understand the process of forgiveness.

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