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Why Is Being Competitive A Bad Attitude

Being competitive is a bad attitude. People say we should be competitive, fierce, powerful and even overbearing. As a result,  we continue to separate, divide and go our own ways; when the one thing we really need; the thing that would help us see each other as God sees us, to grow more kind, to be more loving and to feel more whole; is to be one.

Cons Of A Competitive Attitude

Being highly competitive has its disadvantages. Most often, people with highly competitive trait tend to be passive aggressive, conceited, self absorbed, full of themselves, too picky and not being flexible. Also people with highly competitive nature tend to stress themselves when they don’t win. They always want to win; and if they don’t win, they will eventually harm themselves or others.

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How To Overcome Your Competitive Attitude

People with high competitive traits are full of anxiety. The reason behind that is that they don’t accept losing. The only way to overcome this is by balancing your competitive traits by learning lessons from losing and knowing it is OK to lose. Accepting the result whatever it is will develop in you a good attitude. Such attitude will make you more approachable and attractive to people. On the other hand, the bad attitude of the need to always win will put up walls between you and other people and repel them from you.

Having a good attitude and accepting the end result are more attractive and make people more approachable; instead of putting up walls due to not winning all the time. Using this defensive mechanism is a hard to break. Cultivate the habit of being less competitive to become eventually more approachable.

In addition, to overcome this feeling of having to be better than others; you need to change the way to perceive the life. Praise every good act you see from others; whether it is small or big. Compliment and recognize the good in others; and you will see how your relationships improve; and you will be more likeable and approachable. Besides, your self-confidence will grow. When you praise others, you are telling yourself that you don’t need to be the best every time.  It is a quality that you have to harness; knowing that others can be better than you is an impeccable quality.

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Being Competitive Can Be A Vice

Feeling the need to win always can lead to being selfish and ruthless. If this feeling has dominated the person, it will overwhelm the person with greed. Hence, nothing will stop him or her from doing anything to win. They will be full of grudge if this feeling of always winning controls the soul. This type of competitiveness; competing to win, has been found to disrupt community and contribute to relationship problems. Hypercompetitive persons had less concern for other people; and scored higher on Machiavellianism and overt narcissism measures. In other words, competitiveness sometimes impact your relationships negatively.

Final Word

We have to live by the vision in which God wants to see us; not by the vision that ourselves drive us into. Sometimes, we are highly competitive to achieve more and eventually succeed. However, this highly competitive trait may build high walls between us and other people. Eventually, it will divide and separate us. Generally, this is not the way to achieve massively.

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