10:22 am What is the Significance of 978 on Diesel T-shirts?

What is the Significance of 978 on Diesel T-shirts?

Many people are asking about number 978 that has been used by Diesel T-shirts. In this article, we will shed the light on the significance of number 978 on diesel T-shirts.

978 number on Deisel T-shirt


The significance of number 978 on the Diesel T-shirts

In numerology, every number has a meaning. Also, when you see a certain number frequently over short time; this means that the number is pushed to you as a sign.

It is believed that if you keep seeing a number frequently; the universe is trying to communicate and deliver a message to you by producing signs.

When we analyze number 978; firstly, we find that this number is a combination of number nine, seven and eight. Secondly, the sequence of these numbers starts with nine, then, seven which is less than 9 by 2. Then, eight which is greater than the previous digit [7] by one.
Let’s delve into these two parts of the analysis with more details.

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The Significance of Digits Sequence in Number 978

As said earlier, the number 978 starts with nine then seven then eight. When we examine the sequence, Number seven is two steps before number nine; and number eight is one step after seven. In other words, this indicates experiencing events that cause you to be further behind than you were when you made a progress. You are going two steps back before you are making one step forward. This means that even in the middle of hardship, you still can make a progress. Moreover, it implies that you are not a surrender. The events of life are strong enough to further push you back but you are always pushing yourself a bit ahead.

The Combination of the Number 978

What makes number 978 different from any other number with the same attribute, ie, starts with a digit then reduces by two, then increases by one; is the digits that comprise 978.

Number 9

it denotes endings and conclusions. But number seven comes after number nine which denotes that whenever you are close to the end, you are facing a challenge that brings you two steps further behind. However, number seven is not a negative number.

Number 7

Number 7 indicates education, study, learning and understanding the self and the surroundings. This means that even if the challenges push you back when you were very close to the end; you are still learning, studying and pushing yourself.

Number 8

Finally, number 8 comes after seven; which indicates that all the efforts you are doing to bring yourself up again is working. Not these alone, but also, number eight is the number of personal power, self confidence and authority. Most importantly, number eight is the number of manifesting positive abundance. When number eight comes in the end of 978; it implies that the Angels support, encourage and upload your efforts; and commend for your efforts and determination to succeed, achieve and overcome the obstacles.

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Number 978 implies persistence, determination and never giving up in the face of problems. It indicates that you are not a quitter; you are rather a fighter. One of diesel T-shirt design shows the number 978 to reflect all the attributes mentioned above. By wearing this T-shirt, you are saying to your self and the world that you are not a quitter; and even if the challenges push you further behind; you are always willing to make progress until you manifest winning.

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