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Ways To Be Positive and Happy

There are two types of people; the half-empty glass and the half-full glass. Studies show that that the half-full person is definitely the better. People with half-full glass mindset can live longer and happier. Here you will find 11 ways that will help you be positive and happy and help you adopt the half-full glass instead the half-empty.

Way No.1 To Be Happy and Positive: Stay Forever Young

We can enjoy the freedom that adults have and the pleasures that children have by remaining young at heart. At any age, you can have a young heart because staying young is attitude and not related to our age. Connect with your childhood memories by triggering a sense experience: the smell of the sea, the texture of a velvet or a ride on a roll coaster. Recreate some childhood memories to stay young for good.

Way No.2 To Be Happy and Positive: Make Good Vibrations

When you speak to yourself and others, use uplifting words and thoughts to raise up your energy vibrations. When you feel anxious, use words that will make you feel lighter by raising your energy. Say words such as:

You can lift your energy vibration levels, then, feel lighter by using positive thoughts when you speak to yourself and positive words when you speak to others. Use the following words:

  • Beauty
  • Enthusiasm
  • Inspired
  • Delightful
  • Love
  • Radiance
  • Harmony
  • Joy
  • Committed
  • Peace

Incorporate all the positive and uplifting words in your conversations with yourself and others. Notice how brighter and lighter you will feel. Monitor the changes in your and their energy levels.

Way No.3 To Be Happy and Positive: Search For The Hero Inside Yourself

Search for the hero or heroin inside you by asking yourself who you most admire? Make a list of your heroes and write down the reasons behind why you admire them.  Think about the qualities you like about them, then, think of yourself. At some level, you have the same qualities; otherwise, you wouldn’t recognize these qualities in these heroes in the first place. If you can recognize some strengths and qualities in others, then you surely recognize the same strengths and qualities in some level in yourself. All what you need to do is to bring out this hero to create wonderful and fulfilling life.

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Way No.4 To Be Happy and Positive: Respect Parenthood

Parenthood is challenging. When the washing machine is broken down and the dinner is burning and you had only four hours sleeping last night, remember; you are not alone. Parents do a great job everywhere. So always remember to respect the act of parenthood. Make a list of the following points and remember/refer to them whenever is required:

  • I forgive and thank my mother and father.
  • Parenthood is a big job.
  • I am doing my best.
  • There are no perfect parents.
  • I need to look after myself.
  • Parenthood is vital.
  • I don’t have to feel guilty.
  • I can let go.

Put this list in an underlying place!

Way No.5 To Be Happy and Positive: Take Your Day One Step At A Time

You can not start everyday with a big energy. Sometimes, it is hard to get up actively. You might have a busy schedule and a lot in your mind and difficulties to encounter. When your day gets on a dull start; take one step/task at a time. Focus on the more priority job and immediate task in hand. Move out of bed before you think of the next job. Concentrate one job at a time. As you accomplish more tasks, you will feel in control again.

Way No.6 To Be Happy and Positive: Do Whatever Turns You On

To change your mood and the way you feel, you don’t need to take mood altering drugs. Think of how easily you can change your emotions by the simple things in life. Perhaps praying can lift your spirits, a walk, a piece of artwork, reading, writing, sex, watching TV, hanging out with cool friends or listening a relaxing song. Let’s list some other things that you can do to lift your spirit and change your mood:

  • Swimming
  • Dancing
  • Exercising
  • Cooking
  • Shopping
  • Singing
  • Driving
  • Surfing
  • Poems

The list can go on forever. There are infinite of things that you can do to change your feelings. Start to recognize the things that better change your feelings; make a list of them. Then, do these things.

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Way No.7 To Be Happy and Positive: Look of The Silver Lining

Life is full of challenges, ups and downs and setbacks. We fail in an exam, a relationship ends, lose a job, .. Once the initial rage  / dependency / depression is over; we can go back through these setbacks and USE them to learn more about ourselves. Moreover, remember that there is a powerful intention in every event in our life; every event happens to us in our life has a purpose. Instead of dwelling on the negative state of the setback which only drags you down, approach the situation in a new way. Search for the silver lining. Do you know the proverb which says that every cloud in the sky has a silver lining.? It indicates that there is always something to learn or hope in bad situations. The next time you face a setback, just remember a cloud from which a silver lining is getting out of it to penetrate and enlighten the horizons. In other words, as a door closes, another opens.

Ask yourself, do you feel sorry for yourself? When something bad happens, you have two choices; either you let it tear you down or build you up. Sometimes a step backward, opens a new path forward.

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Way No.8 To Be Happy and Positive: Nurture Yourself For a Day

  • Do you forgive yourself when you make mistakes?
  • Treat yourself in a caring way?
  • Help yourself get up when you fall?
  • Comfort yourself when you feel down?
  • Love and encourage yourself?

Humans find it hard to nurture and love themselves. Make your mind to nurture yourself for a day and see how it would be. Make every thought and action supportive to you. Say the following affirmation to yourself:

“I deserve love and care. “

Nurture and love yourself for a day and the habit will grow.

Way No.9 To Be Happy and Positive: Stay Cool

When you get angry, nervous, worried, irritable or upset; follow the below steps to cool down:

  • Shut your right nostril by your right thumb or a tissue.
  • Exhale, inhale slowly for twenty complete breaths from your left nostril.
  • Your mouth should be closed all the time.
  • Keep your mouth as smooth and long as possible.
  • With each exhale, let go of all negative feelings such as anger, irritability, hurt and tension.

Visualize these negative emotions drifting away from you and diminishing so that you feel clear and positive. Do this exercise frequently and see the difference in your relaxation level.

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Way No.10 To Be Happy and Positive: Understand and Increase Your Self-Esteem

All people struggle with issues related to self esteem even those who look very confident. Seemingly, our self esteem is always on the line. Life can scrambles us up and down and down and up very fast. Do you relate to that being said? Our self esteem is similar to a delicate flower that has be nurtured constantly to grow and remain protected.

Use the tips mentioned in this article and other related articles to help your self esteem to become more stable.


Try to integrate these ways in your life. You will notice changes in your mind, spirit and body. Eventually, they will lead a better version of you with positive thinking and a happy soul.

Please share your thoughts with us and let other people reading this benefit from your takeaways.

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