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The Secrets To Inner Peace

Inner peace means you find spiritual and physical calm despite all the stressors in your life. As a result, finding your inner peace will make you happier, content and blissful, no matter how life hits you. It is not easy to reach this state of mind. We will list below some secrets that will help you reach inner peace.

Secrets To Inner Peace No.1: Use Your Time Happily

Are you managing your time efficiently and happily? Are you able to make time for the things you love to do? * List the way your time is used in different activities throughout the week. * Now list those activities that give you the most fulfilment. * Compare your lists. What are the differences between the two? How could you manage your time to allow for more personal satisfaction? Learn to make the very best use of your time; it is your most valuable resource.

Secrets To Inner Peace No.2: Replace “Should” with “Could”

Write down all the things that you think that you should do:

I should: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Now, take each ‘I should’ from your list, read it out loud and then ask yourself, why should I? Rewrite your list, replacing ‘should’ with could, and start each statement with, ‘If I really wanted to’. Rewrite your list in this way and you might find that there are some things that you don’t ever want to change! Don’t be a ‘should’ victim, trapped by guilt. Allow yourself the possibility of ‘could’ and you will become free to allow positive changes into your life

Secrets To Inner Peace No.3: Make A Success List

When we are feeling low in self-esteem, it is difficult to like anything about ourselves. When we are caught in a negative spiral of:

  • Self-dislike
  • Feelings of powerlessness
  • Inability to make decisions
  • Inability to act

There is a way to stop the rot. Make a ‘success list’. This is a list of everything you are successful at or have been a success at. Go back as far as you can, make a fun thing of it. Get a really big piece of paper and keep adding to your list. You see – you are a success!

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Secrets To Inner Peace No.4: Choose The Colors You Need

We all respond to color, and scientists have discovered that each color sends a unique message to the brain which affects our moods in different ways. Look at the following colors and think about how your own clothes and décor can enhance particular moods:

  • RED is physically stimulating.
  • YELLOW is good for increasing optimism.
  • ORANGE increases security: wear it to lift your love life.
  • GREEN represents natural healing and balance.
  • Wear PINK to attract some TLC (tender loving care).
  • BLUE is good for when you want to appear cool.
  • PURPLE increases spiritual awareness.

Secrets To Inner Peace No.5: Increase Your Personal Power

When we are high in personal power, we are:

  • High in self-esteem
  • Energetic and dynamic
  • Effective
  • Imaginative
  • Purposeful
  • Decisive
  • Focused

How often do you feel like this? If we want to be high in personal power, we have to take total responsibility for everything that happens to us in our life. Take charge of your life: say ‘no’ when you need to; express your true feelings and don’t let people treat you like a doormat. Let go of blame, increase your personal power and be free to live your life dynamically.

Secrets To Inner Peace No.6: Soften Your Focus

The world is a wonderful place.

How do you respond to this statement? We often let our life become humdrum and ordinary. As the years pass, we are inclined to live our lives more and more according to our habits. Here is a technique to lift you out of your habitual behavior into a state of alert and enhanced awareness.

  1. Become aware of the focus of your vision. How far are you looking?
  2. Now stop and expand your awareness, you will feel your focus ‘softening’ as you do this.

Look for more and you will experience more! Keep practicing.

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Secrets To Inner Peace No.7: Make Your Own Mission Statement

What is your mission statement?

In other words, what is your life’s purpose – why exactly are you here? To raise consciousness about environmental issues? Make the world a happier place? Ensure that your children have high self-esteem? Make people laugh? When you can make a mission statement your life will have new direction and purpose. Remember that you bring your own unique set of skills and strengths to this planet, and you came here to use those abilities. Discover what drives you from within and match it with real-world activities to give your life new meaning

Secrets To Inner Peace No.8: Have A Thing Slim, Be Slim Day

You know those days when you wake up feeling lethargic, bloated, overfed and low in the attraction stakes? Get a grip on your day and turn it into a 24-hour program which will take off a little weight, make you feel spiritually lighter, more in control and will increase your feelings of self-respect. Keep your diet as light and pure as you can. Drink hot water with lemon juice every couple of hours to detoxify your system. Plan some exercise time and relaxation time throughout the day. Tomorrow you will wake up feeling better, brighter, and lighter.

Secrets To Inner Peace No.9: Enjoy The Music Of the Spheres

When you feel caught on the treadmill of life, STOP! Try this simple yet wonderful meditation technique. Relax and close your eyes. Now tune in to any inner sound that you can hear in your head. Home in on it until it is the main sound in your mind. Let all other sounds and thoughts pass by. As you let this sound fill your consciousness, you will ultimately merge with it until you can no longer hear it. Listen for as long as you feel comfortable and enjoy what is called ‘the music of the spheres

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Secrets To Inner Peace No.10: Appreciate Your Team

Do you know who is in your team? Here I’m not referring to your local football team but to any group of people who work and co-operate with you. You might belong to any number of teams: your work team, your family, the parent group at school, a darts club, sports club, drama group.

There are numerous possibilities. Make a list of all your teams. Being part of a team increases our sense of belonging and wellbeing. There is nothing quite like the shared feeling of a team achievement. Think about your own teams and appreciate your own team members.


Every person wants to reach the state of mind where he feels clam in the face of life’s hardships. This state of mind is called inner peace. Read again the above mentioned secrets and you may learn something new in your life.

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