12:00 pm How to Get Your Life Back on Track When You Feel Broken

How to Get Your Life Back on Track When You Feel Broken

When you feel broken, you feel that the whole world has abandoned you; you feel lost. However, you need to remember that you need to get your life back on track before it deteriorates and you feel broken further more.

We will outline in this article some ways that may help you get your life back on track.

Discover Your Life Purpose To Get It Back On Track

Sit quietly, relax and close your eyes. Imagine that your life’s work can be represented by a symbol. Visualize yourself that you’re holding that simple near your body and as a result; feel its energy filling all your body. Then, there is a hill ahead of you where are you will take your symbol to the top of it. You will see in the top an arched gateway. This gateway takes you to the future. As you step in, throw your symbol through this gate into your future. By doing this visualization, you will help yourself attract your life’s purpose.

Just Do It When You Feel Broken

There might be things that you would like to do but you are afraid because of the consequences. Do the following points to help yourself recognize these fears and be aware if they are real:

  • Name at least four things that you would love to do but afraid to try.
  • Ask yourself what would be the best and worst possible consequences of doing each of these things.
  • Ask yourself the following question: what are my anxieties and fears?
  • Write down all the above.

Most of the times, our fear is irrational and not realistic. Our feeling of the fear it self outweighs by far the reality of the fear itself. Just do it! Enjoy the journey and whatever consequences it would bring you. Enjoy the loss or the win.

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Treasure Your Valuables To Feel Grateful

Think about the valuables that you have in your life. We are not talking here about money, gold, diamonds or precious stones. We rather talk about things that make you alive. Things that you cannot do without. The things that make you feel good, inspire you and energize you. Make a list of these things and think why you value these things. The purpose of this task is to become aware of the valuables that you have in your life and appreciate them more.

Expect a Miracle When You Feel Broken

You must believe in miracles. Miracles help us achieve big tasks. You cannot bring miracles to your life if you don’t believe in them. You need to start building up your faith and trust. Fear of disappointment will stop you from achieving big tasks forever. Belief is the most powerful tool that we have in our life. Maybe the miracle you anticipate is not the one you were longing for, but I can assure you that something amazing will come to you out of believing. Keep believing, keep asking and never back up.

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Love Your Enemies To Bring Clarity To Your Thoughts

Carrying hatred and anger with you all the time is like embracing a poisonous snake to our chest. Negative emotions will eventually erupt and make us sick.

Make a list of all the people who you hate to be around. When you next time you see them, imagine it is the last day for them on earth. Take this chance to alter the relationship with those people. Forgiveness is sometimes hard but it brings all the fruitful benefits.

Heal Your Life To Get It Back On Track When You Feel Broken

If you feel sick or you have some psychological problems, you can still take charge of your healing. For instance, if you have physical condition, figure out all what you can about your condition. Don’t expect the physician or doctor will solve all your problem. Take the medicines described for you, however, investigate and look for alternatives. For example, check your nutrition and lifestyle as following:

  • Do your lifestyle and nutrition support good health?
  • What about your relationships? Do they support you or stress you out?
  • Do you like your work or it depletes your energy?

Take a look at the whole picture of your life and take the responsibility to heal yourself.

Just Face the Music and Dance When You Feel Broken And Get Back Your Life Back on Track

“Just face the music and dance”. What a wonderful phrase! It brings about all the concept of risk taking, accepting challenges, making decision and harmoniously let things take place. Perhaps you would have to deal with envious people or people who don’t like you. However, always remember that to be always assertive. Whose life is this anyway? Encounter life challenges in positive ways and dance to your tune. Well, dance and the whole world will dance with you.

Calm Your Mind When You Feel Broken

Sit back comfortably shutting your eyes and focus on your breathing. Become aware of your muscle in your abdomen which falls and rises as you breathe. Whenever it falls; think “falling” and when it rises; think “rising”. Follow the muscle movement. Falling.. then, rising.. Falling, then rising. Let your other thoughts diminish as you concentrate on this muscle movement. At first, your mind might wander off. Every time your mind wanders off, follow it and bring it to concentrate on the muscle movement: “Falling.., rising.., then, falling.., rising..”.

Keep practicing every day and it will get habitually easier.

Send Your Inner Critic on Holiday Especially When You Feel Broken

We are all by far self critical deep inside including the seemingly confident person. Inner Critic is the part of each person which keeps nagging about defects and is never satisfied with one’s performance. You can easily become aware of this critic voice inside of you; it is the voice that keeps telling you that you are not good enough / successful enough / educated enough / beautiful enough / skillful enough .. to do something or be something. Teach yourself to spot this nagging voice at once and love yourself instead. Repeat positive affirmations instead.

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Create Your Own Health Farm

Create your health farm extravaganza from the comfort of your home. Plan beforehand how you will go about your special day. Check the following steps that would help you plan your day ahead:

Planning Your Day

  • Buy your needs of beauty items and toiletries.
  • Choose some relaxing music to play and aromatherapy oils to burn.
  • Buy spring water and pure fresh fruit juice to drink along the day, in addition to some nutritious tasty food.
  • When you start your special day, don’t forget to unplug the phone and switch off TVs and computers.

When you spend a day just pampering yourself, you will feel invigorated and energized.

Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)

Carpe diem is a phrase that you use to tell a person to live in the present instead of thinking of the future. If you were told that you have four weeks left to live; what would you do in these four weeks? What would you say and to whom? Make a list of the things you would like to do or say. This exercise will help you seize the day.

We live in the world as we are immortal, yet we are not. Watch the world now as you have four weeks left. It seems different, isn’t it? Carpe diem today. Do what you need to do and delaying. Live your day dynamically and give it all what you have got. Just see what it gives you back.

Be Happy To Do It

The words we use directly and indirectly affect the way we and others feel. We all know that by now. When we talk positively, we attract positivity and subsequently feel positive and vice versa. In some cases, we use seemingly harmless yet dramatically obnoxious words that affect the quality of our life. For example, when we say we “have got to do something”; we put ourselves under pressure. Watch how you feel after you say this phrase to yourself. Replace “have got to do” with “will be happy to do” and you might end up having no headaches.  You will laugh at how amazingly you will feel.

Never Ever Give Up When You Feel Down

When you feel life is hitting you from all sides and difficult tees seems to come to your way whenever you turn, it’s normal to feel frustrated. When we are in the midst of a hardship or a trauma; we become reluctant to receive any helpful advice. We need to express and experience such strong emotions; anger, grief, sadness, hurt, rates, shame, etc. nevertheless, it is always the darkest before the dawn. I said before, always search for the silver lining and never give up. When the glass is half full, see the glass as half full and not half empty. Never lose a trust in them miraculous process of life. As long as you are still living, then, there will be joyful days coming your way.

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Getting back your life and mood on track is important especially when you feel broken. Because feeling broken and own for prolonged period may inflict your mind to go stray. Use the negative emotions that you feel when you are broken such as anger, rage sadness, grief, hatred and hurt in your favor. Read the above mentioned points to help yourself doing so.

If you have any thoughts you would like to share, don’t hesitate to share in the comment section below.

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