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How to Be Patient

The short answer to how to be patient in any event of life is to know why this event is happening. If you know the why, it will lead you to the how.

It is Not Easy To Know Why An Event Of Life Is Happening To You To Be Patient

As stated, it is not an easy task to know why something is happening to you. However, if you manage to conclude it, then, you are in the right path.

The best way to conclude why such hardship is happening to you is to believe that it is happening for a good reason. When you have the mindset of optimism. It is simple.

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How To Cultivate The Mindset Of Optimism That Will Help You Help You Be Patient

You must believe in the one entity that created everything. This entity told us that everything in life is happening for a good reason! Everything!



A group of poor seamen in their ship travelling through the sea looking for their living. Their ship was cracked unexpectedly. They got freaked out and out of their mind! They could not be patient and did not know why was this happening to them. However, in the end, they found out that there was a pirate that attacked every ship going their way. But, when their ship was cracked, they had to stop sailing to fix the crack which nulled the coexistence of the pirate and the poor seamen.

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Being Patient is Fruitful

The cost of patience is painful sometimes. However, the proceeds are great. To help yourself understand and cultivate patience, you need to believe in the one entity who created the whole system. The system that contained the pirate and the seamen. The one entity told us that everything happens for a good reason.

People’s Reactions to Hardships

1. Showing discontent

Some people may be discontent in the heart, namely, they may be angry or displeased with fate. Such people feel as if fate did injustice to them. Secondly, others may express discontent with their tongue. For instance, they may say unsuitable words, use swear words, utter cries of woe and doom, etc. Thirdly, there are others who may show discontent with actions, namely, to slap one’s cheeks or to tear one’s clothes, break cups, throw things away, etc.

Indeed, this person who shows discontent cannot change what has already happened. There is no use of being angry. On the contrary, behaving this way deprives such person from the rewards he or she will get in case of being content and patient.

2. Being patient

Everyone hates hardships and problems and like that they do not befall or hurt people. Although it is allowed to hate hardships, it is prohibited to show discontent. One’s heart must not harbor any bad feelings. They must remember that they are in a test and have to be patient and content with Allah to pass the test. Moreover, the Muslim should remember that he or she will be rewarded for whatever afflictions that befall him or her.

3. Being content

When the person harbors good thoughts concerning God, he or she knows very well that everything that happens to him or her is good. Whenever an hardship befalls him or her, he or she should know well enough that he or she will be rewarded or many of his or her sins will be forgiven. This is what may help the person feels content and pleased with God whenever an hardship befalls him or her.

4. Being thankful

This is the most excellent kind. Here, the person thanks and praises God for the rewards given by God is far greater than the pain caused by such hardship.


Patient people are naturally smart people. Most of underperformed people are impatient. So, you might not want to be a patient person, however, everyone wants to be smart.

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