7:48 am How Do I Forgive Myself For Mistakes I Made as a Child

How Do I Forgive Myself For Mistakes I Made as a Child?

Sometimes we do things that we regret later or we think they were not wise. But when you were a child, haven’t you done many mistakes? Asked silly questions? Well, those mistakes and silly questions you asked are what helped you grow up and get wiser. So learn how to forgive yourself for mistakes you made as a child.

Mistakes You Made When You Were a Child Make You Stronger

Have you ever ridden a bike? If the answer is yes, then, you had most likely fallen of your bike once and your knees got stronger from falling. Many people trying not to fall, but this means that they grow with weak knees. Let alone the lessons you learned each time you fall, you learned to more control, balance and carry yourself. In the spur of the moment, falling might have seemed a wrong and bad experience. However, later on, you will find that the benefits you gained are more than the losses.

How Do I Forgive Myself For Mistakes I Made as a Child

What was done as a child is part of the past. Regrets can not undo it. Over time, you may even add more mistakes to mistakes that you are dwelling on now. This is the way to grow up. Smile and move on.

In addition, there is a hypnosis technique called the Rewind which has high percentage of success rate that can reach up to 95% in treating traumas. It works by changing how intrusive memories are processed in your brain through moving them to another part of your brain where you can deplete them easily.

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Steps That You Have to Go Through To Forgive Yourself of The Mistakes You Made as a Child

  1. Recognize the mistake you made that you feel terrible about

    Ask yourself why you did what you did. Look for the answers to this question. Most of the times; people hurt others because they are selfish and self-centered. Once you recognize your mistakes and why did them; you would feel better.

  2. Your view of yourself

    Not only bad people do mistakes. Even good people do. But good people always repent and refrain themselves doing the same mistakes again.

    All of us fall short. All of us mess up, and hopefully, all of us learn from our mistakes and move on, forward and upward. Beating yourself up over it is a total waste of time.

    What you should be doing is asking yourself if there is something you can do to change the situation for the better. Perhaps a heartfelt letter of apology, explaining whatever madness possessed you at the time when you put yourself above someone else to their detriment.

    It’s not wrong to put yourself first, as long as you are considering others. It is only wrong if it is motivated by selfishness and greed. You may have been responding to an old trigger from your past; in which case, I suggest meditation so you can retrain your subconscious mind into living in the present with the future in focus.

    But try to find some way to give back, even if it’s not to the person(s) affected by your former actions. Sometimes when people are offended, they are not open to any form of communication from the offender, even if it is helpful or loving. You can’t control their reaction, but you can control your actions by finding opportunities to give back

  3. The attack on your mind

    The attack comes from the enemy of man, who is well versed on your triggers. He knows your past so it is easy to click the virtual computer of your mind into opening up an old wound or memory that triggers a certain response.

    This is why meditation, a form of prayer is so important and valuable. It allows you to reprogram your subconscious mind, which is the dominant force behind all of your actions. It runs the show; 80% of our mind’s functions are originating in our subconscious mind, which dictates to our conscious mind, where we think we are really in charge. That’s a deception.

    Our subconscious mind, if left unchecked and to its own devices, will keep us living in the past. It’s like an old library card catalog, recording and storing all the old, negative memories of our past experiences and pulling them out at the first opportunity.

    This is why you must chose to take control, and not allow your subconscious to run amuck. You control it through meditation.

  4. Forgiveness

    First of all, you must forgive yourself. When you fail to do so, you emotionally lock that hurt in your mind, which then manifests as pain in your body in some form.

    Remember what I said about finding a way to give back? Well the first person you must demonstrate that kindness to is yourself. The key to understanding forgiveness is that you “Give for.” The active word is reversed.

    You give for the purpose of freeing and blessing yourself first, and then others. There is power in giving, thus there is power in forgiving. Both allows the cheerful giver to receive and be bountifully blessed in return, which amplifies their ability to be a blessing to others.

    It frees all parties from the hurt of the situation, and allows the opportunity to start over. And we all need a second chance, right?

    Besides, mistakes are life’s lessons meant to educate us, so that we can do better and be better. Not be perfect people, mind you; that’s impossible; but better. It’s perfection in spirit, that matters. Perfecting your spirit includes forgiving yourself as well as others. Give yourself a break. Forgive yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for the same.

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Children Are More Likely to Make Silly Mistakes

Don’t think you’re the only person who has ever done something you want to hide. Everyone has a story like you; we are human and that means we are going to make mistakes; and you were young. Our brain doesn’t fully develop until we are at least 18 to 21. That’s why a young person can do something so mature then turn around and do something really thoughtless. Also, at that age hormones are flooding the body. Our emotions feel like a rollercoaster ride. Sadly, we think we are the worst human being ever made. Questions like “How could I have done what I did?” would play in your brain. But your brain was still developing. You must say that I have learned from my mistakes as I have gotten older. Now we are held captive EMOTIONALLY by our actions. Life’s lessons can be hard, are hard. Our past lessons can make us more aware and compassionate of other people when they hurt us.

Use Your Pain

That’s why, use your pain from your past. Remember what you did. If you hadn’t been so thoughtless, you wouldn’t be so understanding. I’m not saying, “let people hurt you, just understand how others can make mistakes.

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To forgive yourself for mistakes you made as a child is quite challenging as you wish you could go back in time to change them. However, this is not possible; at least at the moment. All what you can do is to learn how to forgive yourself by firstly knowing the value of forgiveness in all fields; religiously, psychologically, socially, etc. Secondly, practicing forgiving; if you are reluctant to forgive yourself; forgive others until you forgive yourself.

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