12:15 pm How Do I Ask For Forgiveness From Someone Who Continues To Be Offended?

How Do I Ask For Forgiveness From Someone Who Continues To Be Offended?

The first way to ask forgiveness from someone who continues to be offended is to be initiative. Talk to him/her first. Also, before anything, you need to understand the emotional status of yourself and the other person whom you want to ask for forgiveness. The offender has to offer a sort of acknowledgement such as apology in order for the wronged person to forgive.

Emotional Status of The Person Who Asks For Forgiveness

The person who wants to ask for forgiveness has to acknowledge first that he is the wrongdoer. In order for the forgiveness process to be fulfilled, the relationship between the the person who asks for forgiveness and the offended person has to be identified. In other words, the person who wants to ask for forgiveness has to accept that he is the offender. Moreover, when the offender decides to ask for forgiveness; it means that he or she admits of the wrong done to the offended. The offender must know that he or she did wrong to the offended. Also, to understand that the wrong deed has to be patched up before it is too late.

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Emotional Status of The person Who is Offended

The person who is offended is absolutely hurt. Not this alone, but also, the offended wants to even the score with the aggressor. He or she is full of mixed feelings. As a result, any move from the aggressor may inflict a negative impact. In order for the offended to forgive, the aggressor should offer a sacrifice.

The Sacrifice That Offender Should Offer To The Offended To Ask For Forgiveness

The sacrifice can  start from a simple one. Making the initiative to ask for forgiveness from the offended can be the least sacrifice that the offender may offer. If the offense is small, making the concession and asking for forgiveness verbally will be enough. However, if the offense is big or repeated, the sacrifice must be big enough. In other words, if the offended feels deeply hurt because of the offense; then, asking for forgiveness verbally won’t be enough. You have to give more than only asking for forgiveness. In this case, you might need to make a promises to the offended that you will never do it again. If the offended is it still reluctant to forgive; then, you need to make more concessions. For example, giving a gift while asking for forgiveness.

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Forgiveness can be applied to religion, health, individual, relationships, interventions and more. It is very important trait to understand because every person has to experience a situation in which forgiveness will solve the whole problem if exists. Forgiveness is strongly connected to emotions. That’s why, forgiveness is taught to people at a young age. Forgiveness is an emotion; hence, there is no originator of it. Therefore, in order to learn how to forgive or ask for forgiveness; you need to learn how to deal with your emotions; whether you are the wrongdoer or the offended person.

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