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Critical Reasoning: Explain The Discrepancy

Brand 1 was the most popular beer among beer consumers ten years ago. However, today, beer consumers spend double the amount on Brand 2, another beer brand, than what they spend on Brand 1, even though brand 2 is double the price of Brand 1. If true, which of the following explain the discrepancy mentioned above?

  1. Beer consumers think beer’s taste is more important than its price.
  2. Brand 2 price has decreased over the last ten years.
  3. Wine became more popular beverage than beer over the last ten years
  4. Brand 1 today is less readily available to beer consumers than Brand 2.
  5. Consumers today can legally drink beer at a lower age than it was ten years ago.

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Which Choice Best Describes The Discrepancy

The correct answer is (D).
Analyzing the premises of the above mentioned problem, the best answer should explain why Brand 2 is more popular than Brand 1 despite it’s higher price. Only choice (D) gives a potent explanation; stating that Brand 2 is more readily available than Brand 1. Hence, beer consumers will purchase more of Brand 2 as it is easier to get because of it’s availability in many places.

  • Choice (A) explains a general fact describing the lifestyle of a group of beer consumers who consider the taste is more important than the price. However, we cannot impose this general fact on this specific case because we don’t know if Brand 2 taste is better than Brand 1 taste
  • Choice (B) doesn’t provide any reason why Brand 2 is more popular nowadays. It might provide an indication of an increase in sales of Brand 2 over the ten years.
  • Choice (C) is irrelevant as it describes the popularly of wine nowadays but it fails to explain why a beer brand became more popular than another beer brand.
  • Choice (E) might explain an increase in overall beer consumption and sales as the beer consumers number would increase because of the lower legal age limit is lowered.

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Final Word

In the above mentioned choices, the correct answer is (D). However, choice (A) can be confusing to some people. In such type of critical reasoning questions, you should always choose the most accurate answer that best explain the premises of the subject question.

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