If you don’t fill your mind with the right mindsets, then you will lose your soul gradually. Not this alone, but also, your soul will be stray and follow the wrong icon! To know more about us, in secreThoughts.com, we believe what we think about brings about. In other words, our thoughts today are our actions tomorrow. Hence, we have to learn how to control our thoughts and cultivate the right ones. Secret thoughts are the premium thoughts that successful people cultivate to have more power over themselves and other selves.¬†We guarantee that by reading only one article here, you would tone your mood to the right frequency.

It is not easy to control your thoughts. It is either your thoughts control you or you control your thoughts. For most people, the first case applies. In other words, their thoughts control them. Nevertheless, how would you know if you or your thoughts is in control?

If you adopt one of the following behaviors (actions) in yourself, it means that your thoughts control you:

  1. You follow your lusts regularly
  2. You always need other people to follow them. Especially whom you think are more successful than you.

We will cover in other articles on secreThoughts.com how to be the controller of your thoughts and cultivate new ones. Not these alone, but also, one of the best way to control your thoughts is to remember that they are secretly existed in your head. And what a better way than perceiving a sign of these secret thoughts  all around you. In the clothes you wear, jewelry you put on, furniture at your home and more.