12:07 pm 3 Ways To Feel Good About Yourself

3 Ways To Feel Good About Yourself

In this article, we will share 3 ways that will make you feel good about yourself. Sometimes, we feel low about ourselves; hence, we need the right thoughts and actions that will help change our feeling positively.

1- Enjoy Your Aloneness to Feel Better About Yourself

You must feel good and comfortable in your own skin. This means that you are able to enjoy yourself alone. This comes from the awareness of your uniqueness. You and every person on this earth is unique as their fingerprints. There is no an average or normal type of a person. Every person is unique and special. Say and repeat the following affirmation that will help you become aware of your uniqueness and aloneness:

I am on the top of the world sitting; and I don’t need anybody and nobody needs me.

By saying this affirmation, you are freeing yourself and breaking all the strains that might cause you feel down.

2- Re-invent Yourself

Think creatively to do something that will break your daily boring routines. The following are some ideas:

  1. Hang out in different pub.
  2. Join a night class or adopt a hoppy.
  3. Change your haircut / makeup.
  4. Change totally your style of clothes.
  5. Pay a visit to a different restaurant.
  6. Change your hairstyle. Maybe it’s been more than a year without changing your hairstyle.
  7. Try to make new friends who are not like you. In other words, they like to do things differently.
  8. if you like wearing dark color clothes, try to wear bright colors to have different feelings in general.

If you notice, all the things mentioned above have “change” perspective. Changing or trying new things is like breathing a fresh air. Do it and enjoy the difference.

3- Use Your Anger

First of all, Never get angry! Secondly, Never get angry! Thirdly, Never get angry! The consequences of anger are always negative. When you are angry, you make wrong decisions which you more likely regret later. If you are angry, you lose control of yourself. When the sparks of anger start to fly, we become confused by a several emotions such as resentment, guilt, hatred and fear. Hence, the first step is to remember not to get angry and to train yourself to avoid anger. However, if you find yourself getting angry, follow the steps below:

  • Recognize your anger and accept it
  • Feel the anger and control it
  • It’s ok to burst out. The initial blast of anger will clear you mind so that you can act back normally and coherently.

In that way, you will learn to control and use your anger constructively.

Final Thought

In this article, we outlined 3 (three) ways that will absolutely change the way you feel about yourself which are:

  1. Celebrate your aloneness
  2. Re-invent yourself
  3. Use your anger

Celebrate your aloneness by becoming aware of your uniqueness. In addition, re-invent yourself by changing your routines and styles. Finally, never get angry and if it happened to you, then, control it.

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