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11 Secret Thoughts That Will Change Your Life

Thoughts are what we hold in our mind. These thoughts can be positive or negative. If you sow negative thoughts, you will reap negative feelings and act negatively. In the contrary, if sow positive thoughts, you will reap positive feeling and act positively accordingly. We will discuss below what we call 11 secret thoughts that will help you sow positive thoughts and harvest the positive actions that will change your life.

Secret Thought No.1: Laugh Yourself Silly

Laugh yourself silly means to laugh hard and not to take yourself seriously. Doing this will let you understand yourself better. The more you understand yourself, the better life you will have. The more connected to your inner spirit. Our soul is is always a kiddie soul that never grows.

How do you feel when you have had a really good laugh? You feel great, don’t you?

Laughing and smiling actually have amazing health-giving effects. Laughter really is the best medicine You can’t have a really good laugh an be anxious at the same time. Begin with a smile, a smile can start to change your mood. Seek out something that has made you laugh in the past; a video, a book, the company of a certain friend, an activity; put a smile on your face and go for laughter. It can only make you feel 100 per cent better.

Secret Thought No.2: Clean Your Aura

Sit comfortably, shut your eyes, stable your breathing and relax. Be aware of the energy around you; this is your aura. Visualize a halo of light around your body; imagine an unbroken line of light encircling you. Now send a white beam of light around the circumference of your aura to start cleansing. Imagine this light as a vacuum cleaner absorbing any dirt or negativity. When your aura looks clean and white; open your eyes. With your freshly cleaned aura you will feel wonderful. Clean your aura regularly to retain your positive energy.

Secret Thought No.3: Achieve Your Goals

Someone once said that if you drive a car and don’t know where you are heading; you will never make it. If we have no goal; how can we ever accomplish anything? The successful achievements of short-term goals results inevitably in the completion of long-term goals because we attain confidence in our capability to achieve things.

Things to do to help you achieve your goals

  • Specify three short-term goals.
  • Make your goals real: write them down.
  • Set a deadline for your goal.
  • Give yourself a reward when you reach your goal. You will feel brilliant.

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Secret Thought No.4: Forgive Your Parents

Your parent did the best they could; remember that. They passed on and taught us why they knew and this is exactly what all of us do. You might notice some of your parents negative thoughts, feelings or behaviors in yourself for which you would your parents. You would blame your parents to relieve yourself from the responsibility. However, you should take charge of your own behaviors and feelings to replace them with positive ones. However, you will not be able to do so; if you blame your parents. Let go of all the blaming and start forgiving them for all what they did to you. You will start to feel like a fresh person.

Secret Thought No.5: Redraw Your Situation

There is nothing which is stressful. Stress is created in the beholder. The reason behind that is that you can definitely choose to get stress or not to any situation in life. In other words, if you see a situation, event or person as a stressor, you will have stress.

Steps to reframe your stressful situation

  • Think of a problem which you have right now.
  • Imagine the problem in glorious colors and drain all the color out of the picture.
  • Shrink the picture until it fades away.
  • Replace the picture with a fresh, new and positive one in which the subject problem has been resolved.

An example of that; imagine your phone got broken. So, visualize the image of your broken phone. Then, shrink this image until it disappears. Finally, replace it with a freshly, new and intact phone. You will feel amazing as you already fixed your phone.

Reframe your negative picture to take the stress out of your life.

Secret Thought No.6: Receive An Angelic Blessings

Write each of the positive words mentioned below in a paper or card to make your own Angelic blessing cards:

  • LOVE

Lay out the cards you made on their faces in front of you. Then, ask for divine assistance to solve a problem of yours. Now, pick up a card and reflect on its meaning. Strengthen your divine connection and act upon the blessing of the meaning of the positive word on the card. mazing things will happen.

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Secret Thought No.7: Believe That You Are Worth it

If you don’t believe that you re worth it, then, you will not allow positive things tale place to you in life.

  • Do you believe that you deserve to achieve your dreams? Yes. I deserve.
  • Do you think that you deserve the best that life offers? Yes. I deserve.
  • Do you think that you deserve a little or, that you deserve nothing at all? No. I deserve more.

I deserve the best that life offers. Say it in the shower and while you are in the car. Believe that you deserve the best in life and you shall get what you believe in.

Secret Thought No.8: Underline The Positive, Get Rid of The Negative

Thoughts are powerful things; whatever you put your attention to, will eventually grow. Think negatively and your life will go further into depression. Replace negatives with positives.

  • If you feel upset or angry, think of any ecstatic moments you had. There’s not room for both thoughts.
  • If you feel rushed up, stop. Shut down your eyes and visualize a beautiful relaxing scene.
  • If you feel like a loser, repeat the affirmation I am a winner.

Fill you mind with positive and beautiful thoughts. Your world be full of beautiful things as well.

Secret Thought No.9: Remember Be Here Now

If you are most of the time busy thinking of the future trying to keep track of time; then, you are missing the pleasure of living in the moment. If you catch yourself doing this frequently; dwelling in the future, stop and say the following to yourself:

Get back HERE NOW!

There is a huge power in the moment; in the present; in THE NOW. Hence, capitalize this power. Stop reading to be aware of the moment to FEEL THE NOW. “Later” does not exist and we don’t have actual control over it. You would have only virtual control which is definitely less pleasant than enjoying the power of the moment.

Appreciate the pleasant feeling of “the now” and live in the present.

Secret Thought No.10: Identify And Illuminate Unnecessary Stressors

A certain amount of stress motivates us to accomplish goals in our life. Also, it prompts us to be dynamic to overcome challenges that life throws in our way. However, a large amount of stress can cause depression, lethargy, exhaustion, and even illness. We all respond to situations in different ways. Follow the below steps to approach your stress in more thoughtful way:

  • Be aware of the unnecessary stress in your life and list the things that are stressing you out.
  • Think thoroughly about each stressor. Think of how you can get rid of it or accept it.
  • Change your approach if necessary until you release harmful stress.

Secret Thought No.11: Spice Up Your Life

Change the way you live in the present. Spice it up. Use the following technique. The technique is mind blowing and practical at the same time. You can apply it anytime and everywhere. It is called “the witness”. The witness observes all your actions but does not judge it anyway. If it is difficult to apply this concept, just imagine yourself standing outside your body and watching yourself. Don’t spend long time understanding this method. Just do it. Take your witness with you when you run errands and have a magnificent experience.

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We have mentioned above 11 secret thoughts that will change your life. We call them secret thoughts because you might not be lucky enough to know them by yourself, your parents or friends. Some people will keep such positive thoughts to themselves. However, we revealed some to you.
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